Saturday, March 22, 2008

Resource List

Hello all,

This blog is set up as a spiritual resource list of various schools, ministries, teachers/teachings that I have gleanded from more or less in the course of my own spiritual journeys. In the search for truth or enlightenment each individual charts their own course and thru the higher guidance of Spirit makes their way to certain teachers/teachings that assist them on the Path.

I hope you enjoy the list and find some interesting content, inspiration and psychic tools to assist you on your soul's journey to Self-discovery, enlightenment and personal empowerment. Also never forget to keep the receptive, creative, intuitional aspects of your soul open to the ever expanding insights and expansions of consciousness within the Omnipresence of Spirit as Love and Light remains the positive guiding force in your cosmic adventure.

I AM always here for 'soul-dialoguing' and 'creative correspondence'.

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